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We believe, music is universal language which everyone can understand. So… please enjoy and keep fun.

Who We Are
Behind the Scene

Who we are?

rss logoWe are independent broadcaster/netcaster from Indonesia who love music and have many collections of Indonesia music and we are not related to any major or indie labels.
This is our “open” project for our satisfaction and we never think to be commercial one.
Beginning first time, one of us with friends try to operate pirate FM Radio, Radio Metal 108 FM in Bandar Lampung (1991) for 3 years.

Maybe broadcasting world still living inside our blood, until we find Internet is the best way for streaming the sounds.
Then we try to operate tjap Radio Bandoeng. Because some reasons, We have to change the name from tjap Radio Bandoeng to Radio Suka-Suka.

Why we build this station?
We’d like to International listeners know about variety of Indonesia music that get improved every each time, from various genre, from Dangdut, Gambang Kromo, Pop, Orkes, Jazz, Rock, Metal, Disco, House Music, Oldies Song, R n’ B, Rap and Indie.

Yes, this is spend alot of our money, but its ok, we do it just for fun.
We think, this is our way to promote the good side of Indonesia because of We are Indonesian.
For now, because of our budget we only have 1 little server in US for 200 listeners relying from source server in Bandung.

Suggest or else, please write an email to

Time to time to experiment

RSS Timeline

We had been doing this project for longtime and spent more than thousand hours and still need more....

Beginning first time, one of us with friends tried to operate pirate FM Radio (Radio Metal 108 FM) in Bandar Lampung (1991) for 3 years. Our equipment use Low power FM transmitter from schematic book.
Stop this project because beeing banned by the authority.
1998 - 2006
Moving to Bandung.
Introduced with Internet and learning to prepare how to streaming audio over TCP/IP, testing on LAN.
Using dialup from ISP C to testing streaming to WAN.
Changing ISP C to ISP M (SDSL). Back to ISP C (ADSL).
Due to busy in college courseworks, then the project is overlooked.
January 2007
Testing stream at mp3 format using server. We use "tjap Radio Bandoeng" as our brand name and domain
March-April 2007
Testing German server at server. Use new codec, AACPlus ver. 1 with 18 kbps bitrate.
Listen2myradio server shutdown.
June 2007
Testing (US) server. German Server used for relaying the US server. Upgrade bitrate to 24 kbps.
November 2007
we had to shutdown German server.
US Server become the main server.
Tried new codec, aacPlus ver. 2 with 24 kbps.
Change our name to Radio Suka-Suka (RSS). We rent new server at (ID Server) for 50 Listeners.
December 2009
We use VPS on (now under with domain. server shutting down.
Adding, and (official website) for domain name.
2010 - 2016
Changing source connection ISP from C to B (Fiber).
Indonesia server shutdown because of unstable connectivity. US server upgraded to 200 Listeners.
We upgrade domain to premium and place in 1freehosting. shutdown. we are upgrade bitrate to 32 kbps and learning social media integration and publishing.
October 2016 - now
We move domain from 1freehosting to idHostinger.
Why We Use HE-AAC

HE-AAC V.2/AACPlus V.2

Radio Suka-Suka using HE-AAC V.2/AACPlus V.2 encoder to streaming 24/7

High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding (HE-AAC) is an audio coding format for lossy data compression of digital audio defined as an MPEG-4 Audio profile in ISO/IEC 14496-3.
It is an extension of Low Complexity AAC (AAC LC) optimized for low-bitrate applications such as streaming audio.
HE-AAC version 1 profile (HE-AAC v1) uses spectral band replication (SBR) to enhance the compression efficiency in the frequency domain.
HE-AAC version 2 profile (HE-AAC v2) couples SBR with Parametric Stereo (PS) to enhance the compression efficiency of stereo signals. It is a standardized and improved version of the AACplus codec.

"High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding." 12 October 2016. 18 october 2016.

HE-AAC and HE-AAC v2

At low bitrate we can deliver better sound quality similiar to FM Stereo or even CD Audio without much bandwidth waste.
You can enjoy our streaming not only on wifi area but in 3G with low data transfer usage. That's why we use HE-AAC V.2

Listen us use your favorite Players

RSS Players

We had tested many player in many OS, choose what do you want to use freely.

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